I Remember for Someone who has Forgotten


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The “I remember” range can be purchased as a keepsake to wear with pride around your neck in recognition of all who are struggling with Dementia and other related cognitive diseases.

The Words

Inspired by the many family, friends, and carers who invest valuable time to visit (and care for) those who have been forgotten by too many. It takes a special type of person to “Remember” for those who have “Forgotten”.

The Symbol  (Footprints)

Inspired by many walks along the beach that I had with my mum. I remember the last time I took her to the beach. I had no idea at the time that it was going to be her last. It was at Wategos Beach at Byron Bay. This is a place that I will never forget.

The Gem

The colour purple which is the international colour symbolising Dementia and Alzheimer’s. It also represents both men (blue) and women (pink) who are equally susceptible to this disease. When you join pink and blue together, you make purple.


$10 proceeds will be donated to the Hazel Hawke Foundation. Your donation will provide funding towards a Hazel Hawke Research grant in dementia care. Projects funded through these grants cover many aspects of care, from music therapy to dental care and nutrition.

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