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Read " A Daughters Story - Facing My Mothers Dementia" HERE

The Challenge.

Hi, and welcome to the “My May Community Challenge". for 2018. My name is Jen and I'm looking forward to sharing our 31-day adventure in the great outdoors with you. These adventures will be scattered with picturesque landscapes along the many beaches, footpaths, boardwalks, trails, rainforests, lakes, forests and residential areas in our local communities. I'll even be travelling to Nepal this year to compete in the "World's Highest Marathon". How cool is that!

The Focus.

The main focus of this challenge is to raise awareness of the importance of Brain Health and the prevention of dementia and Alzheimer’s in Australians as young as 40. A byproduct of this challenge is to raise some much needed funds for the Hazel Hawke Foundation

My Story.

Witnessing my mum’s daily struggle with this incurable illness has sparked an incredible passion in me and is the reason why I’m motivated to create a movement towards the importance of Brain Health. 

This challenge hopes to span the globe in an attempt to destigmatise the current preconceptions of Dementia/Alzheimer’s and other diseases related to cognitive decline. 

Join the Challenge

This challenge should be tailor made for you! You get to choose what it is you'd like to do for 31 days. The aim is 'consistency' so you need to find that 'something' that has the potential to supercharge your brain for 31 days and kick start you into making healthy lifestyle choices in the future. 

Your challenge can be made up of: 

  • Running/jogging (great to do solo or with friends) - pick a distance/time and do it 'everyday'!
  • Walking (great to do with partner/kids)
  • Riding (5/10/20/30/40/50k) 
  • Swimming laps or even join a squad;
  • Paddling/kayaking;
  • Ride a horse;
  • Surfing 5 waves a day (Knarly);
  • Yoga, Pilates or Yogalates;
  • Play an instrument everyday;
  • Do something crafty or creative everyday e.g. cook a  new recipe, write a song, sew a dress, do patchwork...

The choices are endless - the only requirement is that you do it EVERYDAY!

Don't forget - this is YOUR 'May Challenge!"

So let’s kick start our month long adventure by committing to this challenge together. Our brains will thank us for it.  

Your gift of brain health starts here.

"I remember for someone who's forgotten"

my may challenge.png